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Home made Air Fresheners Odor Absorber Natural Insecticides

 Air fresheners can be a chemical playground of gases and fragrances. Oven cleaners, window cleaners and many other cleaners are toxic and smell bad.

 To offset some of the odors in the kitchen keep an English Ivy plant in the room. You can also grow spider plants, corn plants and add a few azaleas to your table tops.

 They all absorb odors. Distilled vinegar is a powerful deodorizer you should take advantage of its natural power.


  In a spray bottle add white distilled vinegar, now add 20 to 30 drops of your favorite essential oil. Peppermint is a nice smelling oil. Shake the mixture up and spray a fine mist in the room. Take a box of baking soda add five to ten drops of your essential oil lemon is a good choice and mix. Keep the box uncovered or the lid halfway open in the room of your choice. As the scent runs out just resent the box.

 You can also sprinkle a pine mix into the bottom of your litter box before putting in the litter. This is a sweet simple air freshener that is easy to make. Place some cotton balls in a small jar, dish or bowl. Soak the cotton balls with pure vanilla extract. Place the jar uncovered in the area you freshened. When the cotton balls dry out just add more vanilla.

   Natural Insecticides

 If you have ants and flying insects around or in your residence you need to get rid of them. Chemical sprays that can be toxic to you and animals. Here are some ideas on how to fix it with natural  insecticides for ants.

 Try and locate where they are entering the home. Look at the bottom of doors and baseboards this is a good area to start. You will need to get a empty spray bottle to put the solution in. Add water three tbsp. liquid soap or one tbsp of liquid detergent scented liquid soap to make it smell nice.
Shake it up and its ready to use. You can spray it directly on the insects and along the baseboards under the refrigerator.

 You can make natural insecticide from peppermint oil and water, creepy critters can't stand the smell of peppermint. Add two tsp of peppermint oil and shake up the mixture and spray along window sills and door casings.
If you want something that lasts a longer time you will need a small plastic bowl.

 Mix in 1/2 cup water,1/2 cup honey some sweet stuff like sugar or corn syrup. Place this outside away from your doors. You can put it next to your flowers. This will draw the ants and insects away from your place and keep them outside.

 For plants add one to two tsp. of peppermint scented liquid soap shake up and spray the bugs on the plants. Make sure
to spray on the underside of the leaves. You should only do this on plants that like water sprayed on them ,don't use hand
dishwashing liquids.

    Environmentally safe cleaning products

 Cleaning your home or business with safe chemicals that you might already have around the home. You will need to experiment on how many ingredients you want to mix. Make a list of ingredients you might need. Start with baking soda, vinegar, and liquid soap.

 If you have some empty spray bottles or jugs use them and put the chemicals for storing and using. When mixing baking soda and vinegar they need to be kept in a open container do not close it. White distilled vinegar is best. Essential oils are great for your scents. Get some lemon, lavender, or peppermint can be added to the cleaning mixtures.

  When mixing these cleaners together always put the vinegar in last if you decide to use any. If you have some lemons, limes, or lemon juice you can add some for a nice pleasant odor. You can also add the essential oils the amounts can vary to your tastes. For a all purpose cleaner mix some baking soda with a liquid hand soap and add some oils for a fresh clean scent. You do not want to use liquid dishwasher detergent it is harsh and alkaline.


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